The Retreat

Reconnect with yourself through a sacred sisterhood

More than a vacation, this experience is an invitation for every woman who is ready to unfold and bloom into every inch of her life. This is a call to reawaken and allow everything to break open. Set yourself on a trajectory of restoration through immersive healing work, nourishing meals, transformational experiences, and divine feminine power.

Retreat experience

The Blooming All Over

From guiding conversations and multilayered experiences centered on forgiveness, non-attachment, yoga philosophy, womb wisdom, and breath work, Danielle is a skilled and wise practitioner for which I am eternally grateful.

— Lauren ash, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sample Itinerary

day one –

3:00pm, Opening
5:15pm, Welcome dinner
7:00pm, Portal

Free space: arrival – 3pm

day two –

7:00am, Group breakfast
8:00am, Activity 
12:30pm, Group lunch
5:00pm, Portal
7:00pm, Group dinner

Free space: 2pm – 4:30pm

day three –

6:00am, Activity
8:00am, Group breakfast
11:00am, Surprise excursion
1:00pm, Group lunch
3:30pm, Portal

Free space: 6:30pm

day four –

4:00am, Portal 
7:30am, Group breakfast
11:15am, Group lunch
1:00pm, Activity
7:00pm, Closing dinner

Free space: 9am – 11am

*This is only a sample itinerary so you can get a general idea of the flow of events.
For each upcoming retreat, a specific itinerary is sent out to all confirmed attendees. 

*This is only a sample itinerary so you can get a general idea of the flow of events. For each upcoming retreat, a specific itinerary is sent out to all confirmed attendees. 

This is all about planting the seeds for you to harvest once they are in full bloom! Begin to reflect on the seeds that have already been planted in your heart – The seeds you’d like to see sown during our time together –The seeds that will be planted during our time together. Breathe deeply now; this is the beginning of blooming.


It’s time to nurture yourself, Sunflower Soul! What are you willing to do to bloom? We need the rain, too. This day is our day rooted in emotional processing, so if tears come up – allow them to fall and wash over you. Are you willing to face the day with brave vulnerability?


On this day, we’ll rise a little earlier. It’s time to think about the ways you will rise to the occasion of your own blooming. The seeds you planted are beginning to reveal themselves and it’s time to move forward. On this day, relish sweetly in the joy of the new patterns and rhythms this process is creating for you.


Have you ever seen the moon swell? In what ways has your “soul tank” become full? Are you overflowing yet? It is time to gather the fruit of what’s been sown so you can take it with you journey back home. Reflect – what tangible applications will you choose to put in your basket and bring back with you?


Sisterhood to me has always been presented sort of in the religious context, and I was always seeking for something beyond that. I wanted to seek something that would connect us as humanity. And I believe that was entirely achieved here in a way that’s completely shifted my own desire to be much more intentional and deliberate about bringing myself into spaces like this. I remember clearly in the moment where I was just looking around the room and seeing all these beautiful faces, but also feeling their energy, and just not wanting to leave because I knew that I was safe here. I knew that I was loved here, and I knew that we could all share what we were experiencing and be present with that person fully. And that’s not an experience that we get too often anymore, so that’s something that I’ll hold onto and carry on after the retreat. And I truly truly believe in the mission of sisterhood transforming how humanity interacts with one another, and I believe that women will be leading that charge. I’m in the presence of brilliant, knowledgeable, wise women, and I hope that I will continue to have opportunities to be in a space like this.

What I’ve experienced in the past three days is an immense and profound gratitude towards the ability to connect with other women in this space like this.

— Shafaq Choudry, Chicago, Illinois

The retreat gave me the space to listen to what the universe has been telling me all along. The retreat gave me the space to continue to heal and the tools to do that work. Blooming All Over was exactly what I needed, to reconnect with myself.

The Blooming All Over retreat helped me to rediscover my soul work.

— Maya Robertson, Dallas, Texas

that if you seek it, you will find community, and you find the support that you need to create the life that you want to. [These were] beautiful experiences. I loved doing the yoga. I felt like I released a lot of pain that I’ve been experiencing. I felt that I was tackling different experiences in my life: loneliness, depression, anxiety. This group of women is amazing. I think that if you’re looking for community, if you’re looking to transform your life to not seek certain experiences but be able to manifest them for yourself, I think this retreat is perfect for you.

What I got from this retreat is confirmation that I’m on the right path spiritually and that there is power in manifesting your goals and your dreams from the womb as a woman;

— Gabrielle Arrington, Washington, DC

It almost just reminds you just being a kid...how easy forming those relationships were, how necessary they are to the core, our core, and our inside. So I’m just so grateful for everything that facilitated this experience, for everyone that joined in, opened themselves to me, and made it so that I could open myself to others.

I think a really amazing thing about this retreat was it felt like a giant sleepover, just the way we were all able to come together, share stories, laugh, cry, and be so open with each other in four days is amazing.

— Akudo Mez, Elk Grove, California

From the first time she called me after I submitted my retreat application, I knew this was where I was supposed to be. Throughout the entire process, Danielle has been warm & welcoming. Yet, challenging me to grow more than ever before. Blooming All Over gave me the strength & courage I needed to fully step into my soul’s work. I am grateful for the healing that took place. I am forever grateful for my sunflower sisters.

My experience with Danielle was truly remarkable.

— Moriah Smalls, Baltimore, Maryland

I could feel her sincere dedication to my well-being, as not only a newly gained friend, but also, as a sister. She has an incredibly unique ability to pour from her own wisdom. She has a beautiful and intuitive ability to teach and connect with women, and she does so by vulnerably and authentically sharing from her own narrative of healing. I felt inspired by her, led by her, and loved by her. I am forever grateful for the rituals she gifted us sisters with in Bali. I have been to several immersive experiences before I met Danielle in Bali, and not one of those experiences or interactions with the facilitators of these events has reached out to me afterward. My experience with Danielle has been incredibly different. She is a woman of intention, and I feel her support as she continues to pour out unconditional love and support beyond Bali, not only for me, but for other sisters, too. She and I have healing checks and updates for each other, every once in a while! By this intentional sisterhood she has continued and these relationships she still nurtures outside of the retreat, I know that helping women to heal is not only her passion; it is her sacred Work.

My experience with Danielle was powerful.

— Bethany Cherry, Salt Lake City, Utah

I learned so much about myself while in Bali and Danielle held space for me to peel back the layers and continue the healing process. Under Danielle's guidance, I engaged in womb healing, forgiveness (of self and others), and deepened my yoga practice beyond the mat. Danielle dropped so many gems and I left Bali knowing that I have the power to heal myself. Danielle is amazing in the way that she is open and vulnerable with her journey, while holding space for others to share their experiences. After Bali, I knew my life would never be the same. I couldn't remain tight and closed, it was time for me to bloom.

My experience with Danielle was truly inspiring.

— Ife Hampton, New Orleans, Louisiana

It was the first moment I took a trip for me, the first time I decided spending a week focusing on my growth was worth it and the first time being 100% real and transparent 100% of the time I was in Bali. It was terrifying to step into the group not knowing the exact plan or who would be attending, not to mention trusting that I would be "enough", but it was also so freeing to laugh, smile, dance, cry and grow with all of the women in the group. Being able to see our varied experiences, but our shared love and desire to grow, created a unique opportunity to find the core of who I am and allow her more space to share with the "real world". There is a lot of growth still needed, but it's also incredible to walk away from this experience knowing that I am enough. That I am unconditionally loved and supported. That even if I never change from this point forward, I am still worthy of love and acceptance and a joyful life. And that in and of itself is a priceless gift to carry forward into my future. 

Blooming in Bali felt life-changing.

— Christina Weiberg, Ann Arbor, Michigan

From my first conversation with Danielle she has continuously amplified the parts of me that are rooted in love and challenged the parts of me that have roots in fear. I was blessed to be able to attend the Sow the Seeds Retreats in both Chicago and Bali. When I first met Danielle I was a 22 and learning to navigate my post graduate life. Danielle was one of my first examples of a young Black spiritually grounded woman, seeing her, and taking in her story and knowledge allowed me to see my own potential in ways I never had before. My time spent with Danielle encouraged me to start and to build on my journey as a meditation coach. Inside and outside of the retreat context, Danielle has been a faithful source of inspiration, a source of sisterhood, and a source of unconditional love and for that I’m forever grateful. Danielle introduced me to spiritual and emotional tools that have significantly increased my wellness and ability to show up as the best fullest version of myself. Some examples of these tools are forgiveness techniques, self compassion techniques, and future gratitude exercises. I fully recommend working with Danielle whether it be on purpose or trauma, the compassion and drive that she will ignite is priceless.

My experience working with Danielle Lyles Barton has been one of literal empowerment.

— Jasmin Weaver, Chicago, Illinois, 3x Retreat Attendee

I loved the blackness. It was a trip that was in alignment with God because it was so love filled. The experience was really immersive. You are literally getting four days to do this healing work in an actionable state. Blooming all over means to me, shedding the old layer in order to exhibit this new beauty. The work also includes luxury and a self care regimen to nurture what you’ve unnerved. I developed a greater sense of softness for myself & I learned so much from the other girls. Danielle does her due diligence and is able to help guide you because of her preparedness. 

My experience with Danielle’s Blooming All Over retreat was phenomenal.

— Miriam Neal, Los Angeles, California

It is me healing and revealing the unique spark of Divinity that I alone carry. As a result of the retreat, I feel like I've just started blooming...authentically. I have always been a gifted performer, putting on the masks I perceive others wanted me to wear. But at the retreat, I started to bloom to myself, authentically, for the first time in my adult life. It's incredible. 

Blooming All Over, to me, means deepening into the authentic experience and expression of my life.

— Bethaney Wilkinson, Forsyth, Georgia